Diary of a Male Maid Book Review

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Diary of a Male Maid Book ReviewDiary of a Male Maid by Jennifer Foor
Published by Self-Published on March 12, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Sebastian is in college trying to get a Masters degree in Business, but when the recession hits his family, they are unable to continue to pay for his tuition. After working a couple jobs that underpay and overwork, he starts cleaning houses with his then girlfriend Karrie.

When Karrie gets an internship in New York, Sebastian is left to clean the homes himself. Thinking that most of the homeowners would feel weird about having a male maid cleaning their homes, he soon realizes they may have ulterior motives.

Mixing business with pleasure has its advantage and its downfalls. Just when Sebastian thinks he has a good thing going, the ground falls out from underneath of him. He then must face all the consequences of his actions.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

“All I’m saying is that my feelings for you are obvious now. I love you and I want to make this work. I realize we are both going to have to make sacrifices…” 

I have been a Jennifer Foor fan from the beginning. Her Mitchell Family Series is one of my favorites so as soon as I heard about this one, I just had to have it. This book was so not what I was expecting. It was so much more. The blurb on the back cover doesn’t do this story justice! Thought it would be all about a young guys sex exploits but it’s just not about that. It’s about how something wrong makes someone’s life so right.

Sebastian is a college kid just trying to earn money for his college tuition. His girlfriend at the time was cleaning houses and he went into it with her. She then moves away to become an intern in NYC  and Sebastian decided to stay on. One day, he was seduced by his client Mrs. Smith and ever since then things went from very sizzling HOT to boiling HOT water.

The first part of the book was seriously steamy and mind-blowing.  Sebastian ends up sleeping with four very sexually different women. I truly was surprised about all Sebastian’s stamina! First, there was Mrs. Smith a 40+ something lonely woman. Her husband was constantly on business trips and her children were already grown therefore always ending at home alone. It must have been a midlife crisis but she ends up seducing Sebastian.

From there we met a voyeuristic Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Smith’s neighbor. She schedules a “cleaning day” with Sebastian the next day after witnessing Sebastian and Mrs. Smith going at it…which leads to his worst nightmare…Alex. Alex is a very troubled woman trying to get back at her stepmother Mrs. Jones(and for other reasons).   Not wanting to give out to many details… but Sebastian ends up getting arrested for murder all set up by Alex.

Here we witness how far Karrie was willing to go for Sebastian. Even when she was given the option to let go she defies Sebastian’s wishes and shows her loyalty and love. We also see how Mrs. Jones steps up to the plate to get him exonerated. We hear about how Sebastian’s twenty something days in jail was and how he turns an awful experience into and successful life.

I loved the suspense, the eroticism, and the HEA! I definitely recommend this one.

The Verdict:



What I would have changed in this book?

Although Sebastian became successful both in his relationship, his family life and his career I really wanted him to do MORE … maybe finishing his education, become a lawyer for  those that are wrongfully accused or maybe establishing a charity with these people in mind. Something.  I lemjoyed this  it so much I wish I was longer and detailed.


Casting Picks:

Sebastian: Had to find someone in their 20’s and found…Chase Crawford, looks like the guy on the cover!

Mrs Smith and Jones was an easy pick. All I needed to do is think about some sexy 40-year-old vixens…

Mrs. Jones: Carmen Electra

Mrs. Smith: Ashley Judd


About Jennifer Foor

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author.
She is married with She’s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.

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