Battlescars Book Review

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Battlescars Book ReviewBattlescars by Sophie Monroe
Series: Rock and Roll Romance #1
Published by Self-Published on March 12, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
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Aubrey Thompson is a twenty-three year old flight attendant for her dad’s small commercial fleet. She’s a sarcastic smartass that has no problem telling you where to go. She also despises rock stars…but that’s all part of the story. Her Granny Jean is spy and will have you laughing out loud.

In comes Jake Parker, the twenty-five year old lead singer of Battlescars. His reputation is the untamable bad-boy. He’s completely “balls to the wall” in everything that he does. Two days after returning home from a month-long tour across Europe he gets a visit from Bruce, an executive from the record label. He informs Jake that Battlescars is going back on tour for three months. What everyone doesn’t know is that Jake is worn down and sick of the same old shit.

His record label hires Aubrey’s dads company to fly him around for the last-minute tour. In order to keep her dad’s company afloat they will have to learn to play nice. When Jake first meets Aubrey she refuses to even acknowledge his existence. He sees her as refreshing and a challenge.

Both of them have some pretty heavy scars from their pasts holding them back. Can Jake get Aubrey to let him in? Or will she shoot him down based on his outlandish reputation? Will her fear of getting hurt again keep him out for good?

Are the two of them a match in heaven or hell?


Liezel’s Thoughts:

“The key to finding lasting love is to find someone who loves you, battlescars and all.”

All she wanted was a break. As stewardess for her father’s airline company Aubrey has been flying non-stop. Finally she made it home  to Smithville, Ohio and she just wanted to go sleep in her own bed for once but her plans are deterred. Her father guilt trips her into doing another stint instead.

All he wanted was a break too. He was tired and run down after his long tour in Europe. Only twenty-five he was getting burnt out. He needed some R&R , he needed  respite but his record label made other plans for him.

And this is how Aubrey ended up carting around a rock star for three long months, no less.

Being a rock star a lot of woman constantly threw themselves at his feet  but he was already exhausted by that lifestyle. He was tired of being sought after as a rock star and not as  the person he  is – Jake Parker. When they first meet, Jake expected Aubrey to go all fan girl on him but instead  she shows curiosity then disgust.  She is opinionated and uncensored, sexy-beautiful and sassy and this was just refreshing to him.  Right then and there he knew that he couldn’t resist her. He vowed to himself that he would strive to learn more about her.

See Jake isn’t your typical rock star. His reputation is terrible just because of something he did in the beginning of his career five years ago. He is misjudged and stereotyped. Even with a troubled childhood, deep down he’s fun, caring, obviously talented and extremely passionate and also a romantic. That first night, it was unplanned that they stayed together in his hotel suite. After receiving a disturbing text, Aubrey breaks down and Jake takes it upon himself to console her. He realizes why she is so abrasive, it is just her attempt to guard herself, her way of keeping her distance from other people especially men.

“I know I’m an ass, and I will fuck up, but I promise you that I’ll make you happy. I know you’re not ready to be my girlfriend, but that’s what I want. So just give me a fucking chance…”

Despite all this, Jake remains persistent. He too came from a painful past and can relate to her, from there they build trust. He becomes her rock and she his. In all the ugliness of their past they find each other.

I don’t know why this book got a lot of horrible reviews, I happened to enjoy this one for a couple of reasons. First Jake wasn’t your typical bad boy rock star. He wasn’t a druggie, an alcoholic or a womanizer. At twenty-five/six he was mature for his age. Like I said he was passionate and caring, he was always patient with Aubrey and emotionally available when she needed him to be. Most men would’ve run for the hills seeing a grown woman cry. He stood by her all through out.

“I don’t know what it is about you, but it’s like you’re the sunshine in my universe. You came into my life and set my world on fire. I knew that you were something special as soon as I saw you. You looked at me like I was gum on your shoe and I knew you weren’t like the others. You make me feel alive. It’s like my life has been empty for so long, and you fill it.”

I was okay with Aubrey as well, she had been through a lot and I understand why she wanted to keep herself distant and guarded. After being physically and emotionally destroyed in the past I would have had trust issues too especially towards a guy with a horrible reputation. I loved how supportive Aubrey’s family, Jake’s mentor and even his band mates were towards the couple and most especially I loved Granny Jean, she was spunky and her antics made me giggle. Wasn’t she adorable or what?!

If you are looking for an easy read, rock star romance I definitely recommend this one. Really looking forward to book 2 that drops in May.

The Verdict:




I don’t know about you guys, but I love looking up the songs involved in a book.

To me it gives the story so much more depth. Here are the youtube links. As much as possible I tried to find the songs that had the lyrics attached.

30 seconds to Mars – I’ll Attack

Metallica – Turn the Page

Finger Eleven – Living in a Dream

Lit – Partner in Crime

Nonpoint- Everybody Down

Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane

Lostprophets – Can’t Catch Tomorrow

Hinder – Heaven Sent

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

Papa Roach – Alive

The Gaslight Anthem – Blue Dahlia

Age of Daze – Afflicted


Jared Leto as Jake Parker and look he even has pink hair! And for Aubrey I picked Katy Perry.


About Sophie Monroe

Sophie Monroe is a twenty-something author from New Jersey. Her rock & roll romance series, Battlescars, is an Amazon and USA TODAY best seller.

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