Bloodline Immersed In You Book Review

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Bloodline Immersed In You Book ReviewBloodline Immersed In You by A.R.Dean
Published by Self-Published on December 22, 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eARC
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After an unusual needle-stick injury, Kat is catapulted into a world she thought existed only in books and horror films. Now as a vampire she must learn to control her preternatural instincts and re-assimilate into a society of humans.

Betrayed by her husband she has no-one to turn to; no-one but Stephan, the strange man who sought her out and warned her of the changes that would occur. Then there's Nick, an incredibly handsome vampire who teaches her the skills she will need to survive in her new world. She learns to hunt and fight, discovering some of her unique abilities along the way.

The attraction between the two of them is undeniable, but will Nick be able to protect her from the powerful vampire who has taken a sudden interest to Kat and her abilities?

Liezel’s Thoughts:

“You. Are. Mine. And everyone will know that you belong to me.”

Working late at night as a nurse in the emergency room, Katherine is injected with blood from an unsuspected patient.  Before they can subdue him he disappears into the night leaving chaos in his wake. The emergency room is trashed, her colleagues are injured and her best friend Angie’s neck is torn into . No one understands what just happened. As days pass, Kat starts feeling subtle changes – she can see things sharper, her hearing is better and her sense of smell is also heightened. She doesn’t know what to make of all this. She is then visited by a strange man named Stephan warning her that her life is about to change.

Because of her newly acquired senses she discovers  all throughout their marriage her husband has been betraying her. But the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect… she knows she’s about to change. She leaves her home and seeks out Stephen. He immediately takes her under his wing and alongside her new irresistible bodyguard – Nick,  she is inducted  into her new life. Surprisingly, the change comes easy for her and she adapts well into her new life. But that isn’t the extent of it. Somehow she develops special  skills  that catapult her into vampire stardom. The oldest of the old come seek her out. Will she be able to protect herself and her friends?

Talk about high breed vampires! Able to eat and drink, able to go into the direct  sunlight, can shape shift  on command and so much more. This vampire world in this story is different,  perfect almost- unbelievably too perfect. And it was honestly odd when you’re so used to reading the more traditional vampire way of living which made this story so much more distinct.   I also loved that the medical talk was legitimately accurate and am surprised that this was categorized as more romance rather than urban fiction.

“We were one now, sharing the same blood, knowing every detail and secret about each other. Nothing was hidden. There was no shame. It was just tow vampires bearing our souls to each other, promising undying love.”

I enjoyed Kat’s character. How despite her husbands betrayal, the stress that she’s under while dealing with Angie’s choices and her life changing  right before her …. she was able to keep it together. She remained strong  and never was a woman scorned. Instead, with the help of her new-found  friends –  she fought back. So many times, I wanted to pat her on the back, cheer her on and say “You go , Girl!” She wasn’t hesitant in building her new relationship with Nick either. I liked how natural their bond flowed and how her other relationships with her new family and friends evolved.

For a debut  book , I thought that this was a very good start.  The world building was satisfactory for a nontraditional vamp world. Despite the grammatical errors I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the second in the series. I’m hoping that Vladimir and Angelique’s story is just as enticing.

The Verdict:


Casting Picks:

Eliza Dushku as Katherine and Goran Visnjic as Nick.


About A.R.Dean

Andi Dean was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1968. By the time she was four years old she had lived in Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Louisiana, Maui, and finally Texas, where her mother settled when she tired of moving. Her father is a doctor but was rarely present in her life. She was raised on a small farm, by her mother and step-father, in a two bedroom, one bath house, along with her three brothers, two sisters and two step-sisters. The house was filled with people, but also full of love. Andi describes her family as “functionally dysfunctional”. They were poor, but happy.
She developed a love for reading at an early age that never went away. With her love for reading, came a desire to write a book of her own. That desire was finally realized when she published her first book in December, 2012. She plans to write many more.

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