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August 27, 2013 / 4 comments

Girl On Tour Book TourGirl On Tour by Caisey Quinn
Series: Kylie Ryans #2
Published by Self-Published on August 27, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Format: ebook
Source: ARC
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An up and comer trying to make a name for herself...

KYLIE never expected to be stuck on a tour bus with a pampered princess and her boyfriend’s ex.

A troubled artist struggling to hold onto his career..

TRACE thought he was finally getting to do things his way. Until the label added co-headliner Gretchen Gibson, the only person in country music with more issues than him, to his No Apologies tour.

Surrounded by tabloid rumors and people they can't trust, Kylie and Trace need each other more than ever. But the choices they make will change everything.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

Girl On Tour  picks up where Girl with Guitar ended with Kylie  finally living her dream! (Well…not quite). She however was able to secure her very first tour with Vitamin Water. While she’s enjoying making a name for herself not everything is going as easy as she would’ve hoped.  She  has to contend with  two not-so-happy girls on the tour bus and of course her boyfriend is on a different tour. What makes things worst is Trace is on tour with an old flame with a history just as colorful as his own. Both try really hard to keep it together but can their love handle the distance and the temptation or will it be too much to bare?


I loved the first book Girl With Guitar and was so excited to get my hands on this one. As expected, Girl On Tour is just as terrific as the first.

Like I mentioned in my  Book 1 review ( HERE) Kylie Lou is just simply amazing! Even more so in this book.  She is still this passionate,  talented and driven young woman who I’ve began to adore in book 1. What  I admire for her most is her  feistiness in this story. No matter what the consequences are she believes in fighting for what she believes is right. She takes a huge risk for someone she didn’t even know that well just to see her smile again.

You know that when Trace and Kylie  are together – everything is just perfect, right? I mean EVERYTHING. But when they are apart their whole world just gets tilted off axis.  And so again, I felt torn about Trace… I loved him and I hated him. A lot of the decisions he made drove me insane but in the end he does the right thing…just hope that it all works out in the end.

The writing is smooth and flawless, no issues there. The only thing about it is the cliffhanger. It seems that the conclusion of the story is slated sometime around February 2014 (I hope we seriously don’t have to wait that long!)  It is going to be very long six months but I am pretty certain it will so be worth the wait.

This series is a definite must read for contemporary romance  readers.

The Verdict:




She pulled up the web browser on her phone and did the one thing Trace had told her never to do. She Googled herself.
She clicked the link and read the few lines talking about her and Trace. Her vision blurred but she could read the main points. All they do is argue, says a source close to Ryans. She scrolled down the screen. There was more. For a second, everything was tinged in red. They’d had one minor disagreement since being apart. Over Mia, who’d been listening in on her conversation. She’d put up with the crazy chick being cold and distant and sometimes downright hateful. But this was bullshit. And Kylie intended to tell her so.
Below that was a link to another article. One that almost caused her to forget about the situation with Mia entirely. Almost.
She couldn’t even read the article because she was too distracted by the pictures. Her surroundings began to spin as bile rose in her throat. Her stomach clenched and her entire body tingled with a painful intensity similar to what she imagined being electrocuted would feel like.
Struggling to swallow, she clicked on the album featuring the grainy photos of Trace and Gretchen. The first showed him checking her out while they played pool. The next one was of the woman licking Trace’s neck as they took body shots off one another. With each click Kylie’s heart pounded harder. Her hands trembled as she swallowed the lump in her throat and stared at the image of Trace holding Gretchen in his arms in the middle of a bar.
There has to be an explanation. There has to be. She just hoped it wasn’t something along the lines of he was out having a good time, getting wasted with Gretchen Gibson, like he’d be doing for the entirety of his tour. Even though that was exactly what it looked like.



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About Caisey Quinn

Caisey Quinn is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series. She lives with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals in Birmingham, Alabama. She wears cowgirl boots most of the time, even to church. You can find her online at or as @CaiseyQuinn on Twitter, where she spends entirely too much time chatting with readers, authors, and anyone who’s willing.

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