Shadows of The Past Book Review

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Shadows of The Past Book ReviewShadows of the Past by Brandy L. Rivers
Series: Others of Edenton #2
Published by Self-Published on October 5, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eARC
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Haunted by memories of her past, Amethyst Lakes left her home to come to Edenton. She was ready to start a new life on her own after being stalked relentlessly.

Hayden Hunter is too busy being Sheriff to take interest in a woman.

That is until his officer drags Amethyst into his life. For the first time he wants to protect and claim.

There’s instant attraction between the two, but Amethyst isn’t ready for anyone since she found out her ex killed himself after she sent him away for good.

Preston has always protected Amethyst, and when he finds out something of legend and nightmares is coming for her, he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe.

Amethyst is either the catalyst to bring nightmares fully into this realm, or the one to end them. Can she find the power to stop the darkness, or will she wind up its prey?

Pretty little nymph, suspicious but sexy earth fae, cocky mage, and a nightmare of old.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

This series is highly addictive.  I just can not get enough of the Others of Edenton. Just like the first three books in this series, Shadows of the Past was just as outstanding.

What I loved most about this story? Of  course it’s the kick-ass female lead. I’m all for girl power and Amethyst sure did deliver in this one. She was shy and timid in the start but when she was pushed to defend those she loved she never hesitated to let her power shine through. Once she finally accepted her skills and talents no one could stop her and when she got there she was amazing at it. Not only did she protect the ones closest to her but she even defended someone who has wronged her in the past. Even when she was discouraged to use her powers she never wavered. She knew the extent of her gifts and even if it could put her in harm’s way she never faltered.

I enjoyed reading about sheriff “Eyeball”  too. I loved his loyalty to his friends, his understanding and patience and his dedication to his job. Given his position he was always protective. One alpha-male.  He would have done anything to keep his love interest safe.  Seduction is a terrible thing and  he might have done some questionable things but  could you really blame him? I think not! You could tell he felt guilty and remorseful  even if it wasn’t entirely his fault. Ame was just that irresistible.

“Only you reduce me to a man full of need and desire. Only you make me crave you like no other. I want to be everything for you.”

I thought the chemistry between Ame and Hayden’s  was terrific. Given her hesitancy  and that there was also a potential love triangle  added into the mix, it provided the perfect amount of tension between the characters involved.

I will however be honest and say that I did have an issue starting this book. I normally don’t enjoy historical or past life situations especially in a prologue. After I got past that and got further into the story I found that it plays  a very vital part in this story. If the beginning feels tedious to you push through because all of it will all make sense and will come full circle in the end.

Another reason why the prologue was essential to this story is that someone very important in Ame’s line made sure that one day one of her descendants would eventually interlace into Hayden’s and I admire how this all played out and appreciate the authors imagination in making all of that work.

I’ve been a fan from the very first book In Too Deep. It isn’t  just the smooth writing  or how natural the story flows nor is it just the paranormal suspense that makes this series great  but it’s mostly the characters themselves that grabbed me from the very start.

I would have to say that I’ve become fully vested in each and every one and what I love most is that as the story progresses  we continue to get a glimpse into all their lives.  They are so tightly interwoven and reading about the dynamics between the pack,  friends, lovers and the couples is just one of the many highlights of this story. Loved it, can not wait to read more of this series.

The Verdict:



Have you met the rest of the Others?



Preston nodded and went in without knocking. Hayden sat back in his chair with a scowl but didn’t say a word.

“We need to talk. I’m sure Paavo already told you I was coming.”

He nodded. “Then sit and we’ll talk.”

Preston squared his shoulders and stood his ground. “How much did Paavo tell you?”

“That Mathis believes my suspicions are correct.”

“And those are?”

Hayden’s brow arched. “Why do you care? This isn’t your town. You’re not invested in this.”

Asshole always thought he knew everything. Preston glared back. “I care about what happens to my friends, and I have a few here. I don’t want anything to happen to Amethyst, Jamie, Fallon or anyone else for that matter.”

Hayden snarled, “Amethyst? Tell me you haven’t touched her.”

Preston seethed at that assumption and snarled back, “If you lay a single hand on her, I swear to God I will tear you apart.” He could just imagine that big asshole trampling all over her sweet personality. He’d ruin her worse than Preston ever could.

The sheriff shot to his feet and the whole building shook as his anger radiated through the room. “What have you done to her? That innocent young woman doesn’t deserve trash like you.”

“Done?” He let out a bitter laugh. “I protected her from the likes of Jarvis. I’ve kept her safe from the Council when her piece of shit, stalker ex accused her of enthralling him.”

Hayden’s mouth fell open. “What?”

Preston’s nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed. “You heard me.”

“You haven’t fucked her like every other woman you see?”

“Hey, I haven’t been with anyone but Jamie for over a year. I know I have a bad reputation, but have you ever seen me looking in another woman’s direction?”

Hayden took a deep breath and shook his head no. “True, but after what Tom said you told Brody, I just assumed.”

“Well fuck you. I was there the day Amethyst was born. I will never let anyone hurt her. That means you, asshole.”

Hayden glared back but nodded slightly before taking his seat. “So the Shadows?”

Preston grudgingly took a seat and considered how much to tell the judgmental Fae meat shield.

“Why don’t you just put it all out on the table? I need to know what in the abyss is going on.” He growled.

Preston scowled. “It’s still under investigation. I can’t give you all the details as they are still classified.” And he’d be damned if he gave this prick any reason to suspect Amethyst had a hand in this mess. “An old fae scroll was found in a dead warlock’s apartment. Here’s the thing, the council didn’t find the scroll in the first sweep of the apartment. There was a dark spell hiding the real mess. There was blood and that shadow shit everywhere. I also found an old fae scroll. It’s written in a combination of the fae languages. Archives are trying to decipher it.”

Hayden narrowed his eyes. “A fae scroll? Shit. The warlock really released a Shadow Fae into this realm?”

“Looks that way.”

“And you didn’t think it might be smart to contact a fae about it?” Hayden’s nostrils flared and his chest heaved. “We’re talking real chaos being unleashed, and you just keep this shit to yourselves?”

Preston shot to his feet. “What do you think you can do about it? Huh? Got some answers? I just shared information I don’t believe you can do a damned thing about, and instead of offering some sort of explanation, you’re complaining that I don’t trust you.”

Hayden stood up and looked down at him. “How am I supposed to help if you guys don’t trust me with all the information? I can’t tell you anything new without all of the facts.”

“Newsflash, asswipe, I just gave you facts. It looks like a warlock released a shadow fae into this realm, and died in the process. What else can I tell you?”

“You don’t have the scroll. I can’t confirm it. Can you at least give me a name so I can check into it?”

“Carl Umbra. Good luck with that. We’ve already looked into the warlock.” With that, Preston stormed off.

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I’ve always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing. I’m working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.

I’m a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.

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