One To Hold: A BBBC Book Review/ Giveaway**

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One To Hold: A BBBC Book Review/ Giveaway**One to Hold by Tia Louise
Series: One To Hold #1
Published by Self-Published on October 9, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Derek Alexander is a retired Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their "one week stand" only complicates matters.

Because she'll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he'll do everything he can to hold her.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

“He was everything I wanted. He was safe with me, I felt safe with him, and I wanted him to hold me forever so badly.”

Melissa needed a break  from her depressing life  and so when her best friend Elaine invites her to go to Scottsdale for a spa getaway she immediately agrees. She thought it was  going to be a quiet week of  R & R -a chance to regen and rejuv in peace.  Everything was going just as planned… up until she meets Derek. Their mutual interest is instantaneous and so unexpected. It was as if  they were fated to meet that night but not everything was as it may have seemed…


Talk about some crazy spontaneity. This book had it in spades. From the very beginning there is this intense attraction between Melissa and Derek and while I am not a fan of insta – hookups I have to say that this one was sooooo justifiable. These two together?  Hot! Hot! Hot! Derek was exactly what Melissa needed and deserved  and vice verse. She wasn’t looking for a relationship and never was he but everything just seem to have fallen into place for them.

While Melissa learns to let go and live in the moment with Derek she knew that it wasn’t going to last forever. I felt sad that it wasn’t going to last past a week since they needed to get back to their lives. This is one of the reasons why the book kept me so captivated. I wanted to know how and why they just had to go their separate ways. Why couldn’t they pursue this  potentially perfect relationship?

Come to find out Derek is somewhat connected to her life after all and not in a good way. He held this secret that changes everything. Let me tell you how surprised I was. I seriously did not see that one coming.

While I thought that those details were terrific, I did however feel that there were some instances that I felt disconnected  from Derek.  I think it was because the story was told in Melissa’s POV. I sure would have loved to know  what Derek was thinking in some of those scenes early on. We do however get a glimpse into his thoughts in the Epilogue and I kind of wished that his POV was longer.

Despite that I would have to say that I did enjoy this book and thought that it was well delivered for a debut author. If you are looking for a romance involving one hot, smoldering alpha male that talks about second chances and finding love at the right place/at the wrong time than this would be the perfect pick for you.

The Verdict:





His forehead creased, and he looked out at the horizon, speaking quietly. “This afternoon, being with you… It wasn’t what I expected.”

“It wasn’t?” My chest sank. To me this afternoon had set the bar on intensity so high, I was pretty sure I’d never top it. Hearing he might’ve thought less of it almost killed me.

He exhaled then gave me a sad little smile. “It was intense.” We took a few more steps, and he added just above a whisper. “Too intense.”

My breath returned, and I gently squeezed his arm. “I’ve made some pretty lasting memories with you this week.”

He stopped then and faced me. “Patrick’s got a big mouth. He’s said things about me I thought were best left off the record.”

I looked down, not wanting to meet his eyes, not wanting him to see the tears forming in mine. “Elaine, too.”

“In my line of work, when people don’t want you to know their story, they usually have a damn good reason.”

I wasn’t sure if he was talking about himself or me, but I had to agree. “You’re right.”

“And pursuing that story only leaves everyone, well, pretty damaged.” His voice wasn’t angry, but it had a definite tone. I just couldn’t tell what he was getting at. Was he saying he understood my need for privacy? Was he trying to tell me his? Or worse, was he trying to cut the week short? Had it gotten too intense for him?

The last thought sliced painfully through my heart. “Sometimes, the damage is already done.”

“Listen to me,” he put his hands on my cheeks and tilted my face up to look at his. When he saw my eyes glistening, his expression changed. His eyes closed and he lowered his forehead to mine, exhaling the words. “What have I done?”

My hands covered my aching chest. “What have you done?” I managed to say.

He’d made me fall in love with him is what he’d done, and now I’d return to Baltimore worse off than when I got here. But I couldn’t say that out loud. It wasn’t his fault I’d lost control. He’d said one week. I was the one who’d ended up wanting everything I couldn’t have.

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About Tia Louise

Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector of beautiful men (who inspire ALL of her stories… *wink*)—turned wife, mommy, and novelist.

It’s possible she has a slight truffle addiction. And she will never look at a family restroom the same way again.


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