Dark Universe Book Tour Review

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Dark Universe Book Tour ReviewDark Universe by Devon Herrera
Series: Sapphire Universe #2
on October 28, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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What do you do when your whole life is played out as atonement for someone else’s mistakes?

Lola has spent her life in the shadow of her older brother, until one day he does the unforgiveable and is disowned from the family. Now her parents are putting pressure on her to get married, have children, and live the perfect life. If she can do all this, maybe it will wash away the guilt they harbor for her brother’s mistakes. She’s completely set against it, and refuses to ever fall in love. Until Drake Thomas knocks on her door.

What do you do when the one person you trust the least is yourself?

Ever since Drake was a boy he’s been alone. That was the way he wanted it. His father was abusive and he learned at a very young age that he has the same anger living inside of him. Terrified that he’ll one day become the man who ruined his life, he stays away from relationships of any kind.

Will they be able to move past their misconceptions about themselves and each other, or will they learn that not only can they love, but together they are stronger? Only the Universe knows.

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Liezel’s Thoughts:


We first come across Drake in Lola in the first book Sapphire Universe. I thought back then that the couple was quite impressive and since then have been anticipating this book.

The story starts off describing Drake’s rough childhood. Early on he came to witness and even experience firsthand this immense amount of uncontrollable rage. Ever since a certain incident, he has come to terms that he will never be suitable for any kind of permanent relationship. His resolve is put to the test once he meets Lola. On the outside, she is this attractive, sharp,  and opinionated young woman but deep within she is caring and delicate-borderline vulnerable even.  To him she is perfection. 

There are so many factors prohibiting them from being together. Just as much as Drake has secrets, Lola harbors a couple of her own too. Her parents are also not too privy on their growing relationship for a couple of reasons. For one, mom thinks he isn’t the right fit for her given his economic standing which never mattered to Lola.

They both decide that all they ever would be was “friends with benefits” and what incredible amount of benefits they are! Drake is pretty uhhh… (what is the word I’m looking for?)…skilled. It helps that Lola is pretty vocal herself. As they try to focus on the physical aspects of their agreement they both can’t prevent it from developing into something more.

“Love is never black or white. People are never right or wrong. It’s all about choices…”

I enjoyed Drake and Lola’s story for so many reasons. Just like in Sapphire Universe I was impressed at how the author was able to portray the characters to where they felt so real.

The dialogue between the main characters was playful and in some instances just downright hilarious. In fact, from the very beginning, Lola grabbed my attention with her bluntness that had me in tears in the very first chapters. As much as I found it amusing it also tackled the serious issues of psychiatric disorders and abuse. There was a certain amount of suspense  that also kept me on my toes.

The romance between the couple for me was also remarkable. I thought that Drake and Lola connected perfectly. I loved that they shared the same interests even if they came from entirely different backgrounds. I admired Lola and how she was quite the aggressor in the relationship. She knew what she wanted and never hesitated to demand what she needed from Drake.

I appreciated how integrated Connor and Nina were in this story. While their role was vital in this book they didn’t overshadow the main couple. I loved how the dynamics worked between the two men and was impressed how Connor was able to motivate Drake into moving forward.

There was, however, one tiny thing that I felt was unsatisfying about this story – the epilogue. Can you really blame me if I wanted more? Don’t get me wrong, the story doesn’t contain a cliffhanger persee. I just needed another paragraph or two to satisfy my morbid curiosity. When you get to the part I’m talking about you will totally understand why I say this. 😉

Overall  I enjoyed the second book in this series.  Just like its predecessor, it was well delivered and had the perfect balance between comedy, suspense and of course romance. I would most definitely recommend this one.

Liezel’s Thoughts:


 Book 1: Sapphire Universe




Rule #1 Do not ignore the signs.
Rule #2 Pay attention.
Rule #3 The less they know about you, the harder it is for them to hurt you.
Rule #4 Comfort is dangerous. It can be taken away.
Rule #5 Need is a handicap. It can cripple you.
Rule #6 He isn’t what he seems. Don’t trust him.

Simple rules made for a simple purpose. Nina Ryan learned early on in life that if you want to avoid being hurt, you need to be proactive. If you pay attention the Universe will always steer you in the right direction. It will help keep you safe. So, she follows the rules, and she is safe.

Until Connor Wright barges his way through all her carefully laid defenses and threatens to destroy the comfortable life she has created. Faithfully following her #1 rule, Nina tries to accept that the Universe has pushed Connor and her lives together for a purpose. Determined to make Nina his, Connor chips away at the walls Nina has placed around her heart and her secrets.

Is Nina following the signs that will lead her down the right path, or does Connor hold secrets of his own that will ruin Nina for good?

Only the Universe knows.


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About Devon Herrera

I am a wife of a U.S Army Soldier and mother of a beautiful little girl. I work for the Wyoming Department of Revenue in Cheyenne Wyoming, and no we don’t still ride horses out here. I’ve been in love
with reading since I first discovered the Harry Potter series in 4th grade. I don’t just read a good book I devour it. After reading hundreds of novels I finally bit the bullet and sat down to write one of my own. I had an idea in my
head and as soon as I started writing, the story seemed to play out right in front of me. Nothing has ever felt so natural. About 10 chapters into it I decided that I was going to take the plunge and get it self published as an
Ebook. “Sapphire Universe” is a Contemporary Romance novel for adults, because lets face it, I’m female. Romance is what I like to read so it’s what I’m going to write. I’ll be posting some teasers and keeping you up
to date on my progress as I finish writing and editing. Thank you so much for your support, and I can’t wait for you to read “Sapphire Universe.”

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