Save Me From Myself Cover Reveal

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Save Me From Myself Cover RevealSave Me From Myself by Stacey Mosteller
Series: Nashville Nights #1
Published by Self-Published on Feb 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
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Lyric Hayes spent the first 22 years of her life trying to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend. After a tragedy and her fiance’s betrayal, she's running. Starting over far away from the person she used to be.

She's made herself a vow - no relationships. She's trying to heal, not complicate her life further.

David Pearson has it all. Confidence, awesome friends, successful business. But, David's dealt with loss too. He knows better than anyone not to judge by what's on the surface.

Drawn to Lyric despite her inability to trust, he'll do anything to own her heart.

Will secrets and misunderstandings send Lyric running again? Or will David finally save her from herself?

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Suddenly, Anna grabs my arm, pulling me towards her. “Who’s that?” she shouts in my ear over the loud music. Looking over at the bar, I see the tiny blonde girl with pink highlights bending over it, holding herself up by her arms talking to David. He is smiling down, listening intently to her. When he replies to her, her entire face lights up and she kisses his cheek before dropping back down to the floor.

I turn back to Anna and snort, “Probably the flavor of the week. That’s the same girl I saw him with at the mall and at Ruby’s yesterday. He’s no different than any other jackass we’ve met.”

Anna watches the blonde head back to her table. “I don’t know Lyr, she didn’t exactly kiss him like a girlfriend would.” We watch as David walks out from behind the bar. Clapping the bartender that just arrived on the shoulder, he says something that makes the bartender laugh, and moves past him.

Once he’s lost in the crowd, Anna continues, “Maybe they’re just friends or-” she cuts herself off looking at something behind me. I knew exactly what she was looking at. My entire body buzzes as I feel the heat of his body get closer.

I turned slowly in my seat and raise an eyebrow at David, “Can I help you?” I ask snidely.

He grins at me, “I just wanted to come over and say hi. It’s been busy in here tonight.”

“I’m sure being a player is pretty time-consuming.” I glare at him, wanting nothing more than to slap that smile off his face. God, how could I have been stupid enough to fall for the “good guy” routine? Again!

He frowns, looking confused, “I’m sorry?”

Scoffing, I reply, “Yeah, you’re definitely sorry.”

His eyes narrow dangerously, ”Look, I really don’t understand what your problem is. I like you, you seemed to like me. Now you’re just acting like a bitch. Excuse me if I don’t get what you think I did.”

Unbelievable. When will I ever meet a guy who isn’t a liar or a cheater? “You don’t get it? Really? Well, let me spell it out for you. I don’t date cheaters. I refuse to be ‘that’ girl, and I refuse to do that to someone else.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” He asks, his voice hard.

I sigh, “I saw you with your girlfriend. I’ve seen you together a few times now.” Is he really going to continue to deny it? I caught him with her!

“How can you possibly see me with someone who doesn’t exist? I am many things Princess, a cheater and a liar aren’t one of them.” His voice is glacial.

My mouth drops open, “You asshole! She was JUST here! Remember, she’s a short, skinny blonde with pink highlights?”

Jeremy, who’s sitting next to us at the bar spits out his beer laughing, “Shit Dave, she thinks SB is your girlfriend? Now, that’s disgusting. She’ll love that!”

“SB? What kind of name is SB?” I ask, raising an eyebrow as I look back at David.

“SB is my sister SarahBeth’s nickname. My baby sister. Not my girlfriend. She’s practically my kid.” David responds, glaring at me.

Oh great. Now I really feel like a moron. Talk about jumping to the wrong conclusion. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh. Princess, you really need to stop making snap judgments about me.” He snaps.

The look on his face makes me feel about two inches tall. But, this wasn’t my fault. If he’d told me about her, this never would have happened. Thinking about that makes me sound even bitchier. But that realization doesn’t stop me from saying, “Well, maybe you should be a little more forthcoming. You never said you had a sister.”

“Right, because that should be my intro. ‘Hi, I’m David, I own a bar, and have a sister I’ve been raising for the past 5 years.’ That’s not going to raise any questions at all,” he says sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

“Raising?” I can’t hide my confusion. She’s his sister, why is he raising her? And how old is she?

He sighs, “See what I mean? Yes, raising. Our parents died when she was 16 and I was 27. Jeremy” he nods at the guy next to us, “and I moved back to Nashville to take care of her. Our grandparents are in Florida and North Carolina, so to be with them she would have had to leave her whole life behind. After everything she’d lost, I couldn’t take that away too, so I came back and have been taking care of her ever since.”

I can’t believe he did that. He was a single guy, living on his own, and he chose to move back to his hometown and take care of his sister? “I’m so sorry. That must’ve been such a difficult choice to make.”

He shrugs, then glares at me again. “There was never a choice. She’s my baby sister.”

After that statement, he turns on his heel and walks off. I’m beginning to think I’ve completely misjudged this guy.


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