Good Sensations Book Tour Review

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Good Sensations Book Tour ReviewGood Sensations by S.L. Scott
Series: Welcome to Paradise #3
Published by Self-Published on January 9th 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Evan Ashford is sex personified. He makes me feel things I never have and crave things I’m not sure I should. Time doesn’t exist when we’re together—all of our worries becoming obsolete. Our tongues touch, and as if by memory, they move in harmony, feeling at peace, feeling at home.

Despite his mother’s best efforts to drive us apart and the miles that separate us, I’m ready—ready to claim what’s mine.

In an instant, his lips are pressed firmly against mine, consuming my words as if hearing them isn’t enough. Desire turns to need as he tastes and savors every syllable ever spoken from my heart to his.

Mallory Wray caught my attention and stole my heart. The emerald of her eyes draws me in, and it’s so easy to see why I fell in love with her. I run my hand over her cheek and into her hair, admiring everything I’ve missed so much. That familiar intensity that formed our bond back in Hawaii exists again. It’s comforting, engulfing, making my chest ache in the most painfully acute way. My heart feels grounded in her. This is right, this is us, I can finally breathe again.

Her hand settles on my cheek and a soft smile appears. “My sweet surfer. What a change a month makes.”

“It’s not the month that changed me. It’s the girl.” I turn and kiss her palm. “You make me want more than I feel I deserve.”

“You deserve everything your heart desires.”

“My heart only desires you.”

“Then I’m yours. All yours. Always.”

Life has taken these two young lovers in different directions. Can their love bring them back together? Will they be able to find their paradise once again?

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Liezel’s Thoughts:

If you didn’t fall in love with Evan in the previous books then I’m sure he will knock your socks off in this one!

The best thing I loved about this book was the character building – especially on his part. To this very day, I remember how strongly I felt about his self-absorbed, immature and egotistical ways in Good Vibrations. As the series progressed on I came to love Evan’s character more and more.

When he and Mallory first met at the airport he said something along the lines that he was a relationship probe and he was never meant to commit. He sure did change his outlook in Good Intentions but it is in this book where he truly turns an entire 180.

 Not only does his relationship with Mallory further progress, his relationship with his parents do too. He matures in so many other aspects of his life and you can tell that Mallory’s positive influence had a lot  to do with his transformation. For that very reason, I thought they complimented each other very well.

I adored Mallory for so many reasons.  She had many things going on in her personal life but she always knew what her priorities were.  Her relationship with her parents was absolutely phenomenal. There are so many unforgettable moments that were very heart warming.  I admired the fact that she always knew what she wanted and put her foot down and made her own decisions when “others” continued to push.

As always the supporting characters were great as well. They too were understanding and supportive to the couple’s wants and needs. In my Book 2 review, I had mentioned that I would have enjoyed reading more about Noah. In this one, it was Ryan that stood out for me. I thought he was a good guy even if he wasn’t meant for Mallory. Hoping that maybe we get to hear more about him in the future.

Normally to stay engrossed in a story I need some form of suspense, stress and/or tension involved. In this book, there wasn’t much of that but I hardly even noticed because I was too busy swooning and grinning from ear to ear.  It was that great and Evan was just so….so… all – around INCREDIBLE.

Loved, loved, loved this entire series! It was definitely this finale that was deciding factor for me adding it to my “favorites” list.

The Verdict:




My dad straightens his back and clears his throat. “I may not have seen the bill, but I can guess how much it was and I’m just wondering why he has access to that kind of money. He’s not a drug dealer, is he?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You know me better than that. You know I wouldn’t date a drug dealer.” I take my napkin, unfolding it slowly as if this is the most interesting thing in the world and doing my best not to get caught up in an Evan’s financial means conversation, so I try to put it to rest. “I’ve told you, his family has a lot of money.”

“The boy is in his twenties and still living off his parents—”

“Clay,” my mom says, touching his arm. “I’ve told you he’s working with his family this semester and transferring in Boulder next semester, so stop giving Mallory a hard time. She’s with a nice guy who, from watching him last night, clearly is in love with her.”

My dad furrows his brow. “I thought he seemed a bit obsessive hanging on her every word—”

Focused intensity. He’s always like that with me. I smile… like a stupidly, giddy smile.

“Look, she’s in love too. Let’s just be happy for her,” my mom says, smiling at my dad. She leans closer and kisses him on the cheek.

But when my dad is concerned about something, he fixates. “I hope you’re using protection. Don’t go messing up your life now.”

“Oh my God, Dad. I’m, uh, so… just never going to talk about that with you,” I stammer, throwing my hands up into the air.

“She’s twenty-two, Clay, and as much as we’re worried about her welfare, it’s really none of our business.”

“You had her two years younger than she is now, Elise. I’m sure you don’t want her giving up her dreams—”

“Dad! I’m being careful. Can we just please end this embarrassing conversation says the-mistake-my-parents-made-at-twenty?”

“You were the best mistake we ever made, honey.” My mom, the eternal optimist.

“What you’re really saying is that I can be friends with certain guys because they don’t want to sleep with me, but not all guys because they do want to sleep with me. This is kind of ridiculous, you know.”

“I never said they wanted to sleep.” He pulls me closer and holds me. “Come here.” He kisses me again—hard this time with no reluctance and all the passion we had in Hawaii is back, making me whole.

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About S.L. Scott

S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures.

Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies.

Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys.

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