Deadly Sting Book Review

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Deadly Sting Book ReviewDeadly Sting by Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assassin #8
Published by Gallery Books on March 26th 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: ebook
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Red is definitely my color. Good thing, because in my line of work, I end up wearing it a lot. 

Most people shy away from blood, but for an assassin like me— Gin Blanco, aka the Spider—it’s just part of the job. Still, it would be nice to get a night off, especially when I’m attending the biggest gala event of the summer at Briartop, Ashland’s fanciest art museum. But it’s just not meant to be. For this exhibition of my late nemesis’s priceless possessions is not only the place to be seen, but the place to be robbed and taken hostage at gunpoint as well. No sooner did I get my champagne than a bunch of the unluckiest thieves ever burst into the museum and started looting the place.

Unlucky why? Because I brought along a couple of knives in addition to my killer dress. Add these to my Ice and Stone magic, and nothing makes me happier than showing the bad guys why red really is my color.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

Gin never did want to go to this gala in the first place. She would have been content at home, curled up reading a good book and of course sulk, still heartbroken about Owen and his choices. But Finn convinced her that she needed to go out. He forced her to go shopping to find the perfect outfit for this shindig but it wasn’t just a dress that she got in this excursion. She manages to capture a robber in the process. Her sister gets called in and mentions that there have been multiple robberies as of late and that a lot of the guards (mostly consisting of giants) have been called “away” leaving a lot of the local stores unprotected. What the hell is going on? Even after all this goes down Finn still manages to convince her to find a dress for her night out.

A couple of days later it’s finally gala night. All of Mab’s treasures and personal effects are on display at the museum. Ashland’s rich and elite are milling around yearning and salivating over her amassed riches with champagne glasses in their hands. Finn is up and about mingling and networking so Gin decides to roam around. Here she finds her mother and sister’s rune necklaces. She thought they had perished during the tragedy that befell her family years ago but there they are…on display behind a wall of glass that she desperately wants to break. As she gazes on she feels a presence behind her. Owen. They haven’t spoken since the day he left her at the Pork Pit weeks ago. They stare at each other not knowing what to say. Finally, the silence breaks and up comes Owen’s date for the night. Gin’s hopes for a reconciliation are crushed. She tries to hide it. What makes the situation even worst it his date is wearing the exact same outfit as she is and even looks like Gin. She knows she looks better in that dress. But eventually, that dress get her face blown off. They think they just killed the baddest assassin in the land but they are sadly mistaken.

The museum is overtaken by giants. Ashland’s elitist are forced to give up their possessions. The giant behind the heist, Clementine gathers hostages and throws a body in their midst and announces that the assassin known as the spider is dead. Her friends are convinced that she’s lost but we know better. She’s lurking in the shadows planning Clementine’s demise. Owen is singled out and of course saving his life is her priority. She does what she does best, she figures out what truly is going on, what do they really want, who is behind it and eventually saves her friends and the hostages. Said mastermind is caught… and guess who it is? All I can say is he deserves what’s coming to him! He’s been on Gin’s hit list for a long time and instead of doing the deed, she confronts him and leaves him alive. He won’t be alive for long, all of Ashland’s crime bosses are going to want their revenge. The only question is who will get to him first.

I’m a total sucker for strong female leads and I just love Gin Blanco. All though this wasn’t my favorite in the series it still was a terrific story. Over the past couple books, we see Gin growing into her magic and develop more meaning relationships with her extended family and most especially her sister. The only thing that really disappointed me in this book was Owen. I’m sorry but at this point, he’s messing up. Seems to me he’s become just like Donovan. He won’t accept her for who and what she stands for. In the end of book 8, Owen admits that he finally agrees that Salina was pure evil and it was the right thing to get rid of her. Gin should have been a little more discreet about it. Hacking Salina’s head off right in front of him while being held at gunpoint wasn’t her best moment …. but hey what’s done is done. Owen needs to get over it and try to get her back. They obviously still love each other but Owen’s sure is being stubborn about it. Can they ever get over this and move on (together)?

The Verdict:


About Jennifer Estep

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea.

Jennifer writes the Elemental Assassin adult urban fantasy series for Pocket. Books in the series are SPIDER’S BITE, WEB OF LIES, VENOM, TANGLED THREADS, SPIDER’S REVENGE, BY A THREAD, and WIDOW’S WEB. THREAD OF DEATH, an e-novella, is also available.

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