Surviving Broken Book Tour Review

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Surviving Broken Book Tour ReviewSurviving Broken by Beverly Preston
Series: Mathews Family #4
Published by Self-Published on September 29nd 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Source: ARC
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Most women have a wish list when it comes to what kind of man they want to date. JC Mathews used a strict set of guidelines as a safety net to keep herself out of trouble and out of love.

On hiatus from the bright lights and speculative gazes of her career in the fashion industry, JC lets her guard down...only to the wrong man. After escaping Italy and the hands of her abuser, she returns to Malibu to recover. The last thing she expects to find is a large, gorgeous intruder swimming naked in her pool.

Reed Rider left Texas and his broken heart behind in order to settle his aunt’s affairs after her death. Seeking refuge from the California heat for a midnight swim in his neighbor’s backyard, he never expects to find a nude silhouette of a long-haired beauty standing at the water’s edge.

As their passion ignites and the pages of JC's rulebook fade to grey, she unlocks her guarded heart to begin a new chapter in her life. When hidden truths are exposed and secrets unravel, will they survive the threats from their broken pasts?

Liezel’s Thoughts:

I mentioned in my “The Perfect Someday” review how much I was anticipating the release of  JC Mathews’ book. In the entire series she was portrayed as the one sibling that always had this hesitancy about  love and marriage. It didn’t matter how many times she had witnessed the act of falling in love first hand. She truly believed that it was never meant for her. Don’t get me wrong…she wasn’t celibate. She did date but none of her so called relationships never got  anywhere near serious. She always had the rule book  as her safety net to prevent her from getting to that point.

In Surviving Broken, JC for once in her life let her guard down and she finally lets someone in.  You really couldn’t blame her for Luca Santini was as seductive as they come. Just like any other guy that catches her eye,  she intended to spend just one carnal  night  with Luca but he manages to sweet talk her into staying the weekend. One short weekend eventually becomes  months and  while he was charming in the beginning his violent nature gradually presented itself as the days slowly passed.

JC  knew something wasn’t right. She always considered herself as an intuitive and independent woman and never would have thought that she would find herself ending up in such a dangerous situation. Almost pushed to the brink, her family manages to step in just in time and make things right. This is the major reason why this series is one of my all time favorites.

It doesn’t matter if some members of the family  are not  related by blood. Their lives are so  intertwined their connection is deeper than even that. Let me just say that if you loved Tom then you will come to love him even more in this one.

But how does one get past such a gruesome ordeal? How do you learn to trust again after being burned so badly? With strength and willpower is how.  Time and again I couldn’t help but be inspired by  JC’s character. With her family at her side  she learns to get past the darkness and let someone new in. Reed.

Where do I even begin with this man! Should I tell you how jaw-dropping their first encounter was? Good heavens, that sure is one first meeting that I wouldn’t likely to forget. I have to say that four books into the series Beverly Preston still continues to shock me with such unforgettable situations.

Reed wasn’t the typical type that JC would go for but from the very beginning everything about him seemed right.  I do have to admit that I always preferred relationships that develop overtime yet for them it worked. The sexual part of the relationship was fantastic  but that wasn’t what stood out for me. Like every book in the series it was that soul deep connection that made it breathtaking. Everything about them was simply perfect.

As a matter of fact, every single book is PERFECT. Loved every moment of it! It had every single element that I look for in romance. I definitely recommend this one.


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Seconds after hearing the click of the front door shutting, his mouth was at her ear. His fingers slipped beneath the straps on her shoulder, lifting the dress above her head and tossing it on the end of the bed.

Spikes of sensual energy gathered between them. Reed nuzzled the rasp of his stubble into the sensitive spot on her neck and her skin came to life beneath his firm yet gentle touch. Tremors chased down her spine and desire ached between her thighs. Never in her life had JC been so completely in tune with the bodily forces filling her physically and emotionally.

A slight giggle dissolved into a soft gasp as one arm crossed beneath her breast, pulling her closer. Gooseflesh covered her body as his lips traversed the slope of her neck and shoulder, revisiting receptive areas he’d pursued the night before.

“I don’t understand,” she murmured. Reed pressed the shape of him, rearing and stiff, against the small of her back. Her head listed back against his chest, followed a soft ambiguous cry of need. “How do you do that to me?”

He turned her to face him, cupping the tender curve of her breast. “Darlin’, in few minutes, you’re not gonna give a damn.”


Heat spread everywhere, engulfing her senses in flames of desire. Draping her wrists over his shoulder, she raised on her tippy-toes, searching for his lips. Reed resisted her fervent urges, pulling back, not allowing her the passionate kiss she yearned for. He stared into her eyes, capturing her spirit with his ice blue eyes. Zings of pleasure chased though her and JC feared she might melt before they even started.

Unspoken words drifted between them.

Reed’s unconditional acceptance disarmed her. He accepted her commitment phobias, occasional neurotic tendencies, her fears of love, her mishaps in life and bad judgments. He understood her implicitly and appreciated her exactly as she was.

Her heart pounded. Excitement and nervousness mingled through her emotions. Her eyes drifted shut as she leaned into his chest and his hands played over her slowly, tortuously igniting a new passion within. She quivered and stumbled, falling onto the chaise behind her.

He started toward her hungrily, but she shook her head.

“No?” he asked with a questioning grin.

“No.” She shook her head again. “This isn’t exactly how I pictured this. You make me too damn nervous.” She pointed toward the bathroom. “Can you please give me two minutes?”

He bent, securing her to the hide with his thigh between her legs, possessing her mouth with long, intimate licks of his tongue. “I’ll give you three,” he assured, releasing her from his kiss and sauntering into the bathroom.

JC leapt to her feet, pacing in circles in nothing more than her white cheeky panties. “What the hell is wrong with me?” Stopping midstride, she shook out her trembling limbs. “You can do this! Pull yourself together.”

She took a few deep breaths, trying to ward off the tension looming close the surface of her thoughts. Her limbs felt weighted and encumbering, restricting her body from its natural rhythmic flow of sensual language. He’s just a man. I’ve kissed dozens of men! You’ve already had sex with him. Don’t be chicken!

She bent over, tousling her hair through her fingers and flipped her head back, letting the long caramel layers cascade down her back in sexy loose pieces.

JC plopped onto the chaise, strumming her fingers on the hide. Yeah, but damn what a man!

Nestling back into the hide, she draped her hands above her head. Unable to find the right position, she fidgeted awkwardly. “This is not comfortable,” she grumbled. “Oh, my God. What is wrong with me?”

Irritated by her own anxiety and gracelessness, she flopped to the opposite end of the chaise. Her long legs and feet dangled over the arched back and her head hung over the foot of

the lounge.

Sunbeams pushing through the glass door swept across her body. Her eyes drifted shut and she drew in a deep, full breath of air and then another. The scent of his skin lingered with the warmth of the sun, caressing her senses and calming her nerves.

She startled when Reed gently placed his hand on the outside of her thigh. His naked hip brushed against her skin when he sat beside her. Her eyes remained closed as the coolness from his hand slid along her waist to her breast, resting on top of her heart.

“I know…” she panted breathily. JC placed her hand over his. “Just feel you in here.”

“That’s right, darlin’”

“I don’t know why you make me so nervous.”

“Just relax.”

Feeling his avid stare burning through closed lids and the weight of his hand dip to her breast, she slipped her tongue across her lips sensually.

“You make me nervous too,”—his breath fractured—“JC.”

Her eyes opened when he called her by name.

“We’ll figure it out together.”

Feelings of passion and adoration flourished, stringing tightly around her heart. She nodded.

“Goddess,” he hummed, wiggling his brow. The back of his hand traced lazily over her jaw and earlobe. He leaned closer, nearly kissing her before halting. “You’re beautiful. Inside and out.”


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About Beverly Preston

Beverly Preston is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotionally rich and sinfully sexy stories about the ultimate alpha good guy; the kind of man you want to drag you to bed and put a ring on your finger. She also has a passion for strong, humorous, female characters and stories ingrained in a solid sense of family and loyalty.

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, four kids, and two golden retrievers. If she’s not spinning richly emotional stories, you’ll find her on her spin bike.

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with The Mathews Family one Happily Ever After at a time.

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