“A Taste of Summer” Book Tour Review

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“A Taste of Summer” Book Tour ReviewA Taste Of Summer by Beverly Preston
Series: Beyond the Mathews Family #1
Published by Self-Published on July 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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A standalone, parallel novel in the USA Today Bestselling Mathews Family Series.
Most people know Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Summer, as Ryan, no last name required. But once upon a time, he was just Summer to Carrie Ann—before a decade of blockbuster hits skyrocketed his success into superstardom.
Summer was smart, gorgeous, and cocky as hell. Nothing was out of his reach. Not even Carrie Ann Lowell. He was the love of her life—until he shattered her heart. Their breakup left more than a profound rift in her soul. It crushed her.
When Carrie Ann’s college flame forces his way back into her life, his dirty-talking, bold self-assurance re-ignites a passion she thought had long since been extinguished. Carrie Ann didn’t believe in second chances.
Not even for him.
No matter how deliciously tempting.
With sparks flying and hidden truths unraveling, will Carrie Anne be able to deny her desires to save herself from another heart break?

Liezel’s Thoughts:

The Mathews  have always been one of my favorite family series. I loved it so much that I am not ashamed to admit to having read these books multiple times over. That being said, I was  ecstatic  when I heard that Beverly Preston was coming out with a story that associated with these beloved characters. Even though “A Taste of Summer” isn’t about one of the Mathews in particular it still felt like it was since Carrie Ann has very close ties with the family.

So more about Carrie Ann and Ryan’s story….A decade has passed yet despite all that time and distance apart Carrie Ann just could not get over the love of her life, Ryan Summer. He has tried multiple times to reconnect but being that type that doesn’t believe in second chances she continues to resist his attempts. She could have gone on living without him but when Ryan practically forces himself into her life she finds herself rethinking her decision. Being the Hollywood heart-throb that he is, Ryan could have anyone  but it has always been Carrie Ann who plagued his mind. For him she was always “the one” but because of a colossal misunderstanding he  lost her.

Carrie Ann has got to be one of the most stubborn character leads ever! She sure did put Summer through the wringer. What was so amazing about the entire situation however was witnessing the lengths that he was willing to go to for even  a slight chance of winning her back. I  couldn’t get over his persistence! I found it endearing how patient he was. At one point or another I wanted to have a sit down with Carrie Ann and tell her to put the man  out of his misery.

His pursuit was  lengthy and at times I felt that it was a tad drawn-out but when she finally gives in though .. OMG! The wait was well damn worth it. Their reunion was just as I thought it would be…beyond sensational. (*Happy dance*) It wasn’t just about this intense physical connection either. After all that they have been through you definitely can predict that their love is similar to that of Tess/Tom, JC/Reed (and all the previous couples for that matter). What  all of them had was a love that was eternal.

I can’t thank the author enough for delivering not only a perfect follow-up to The Mathews Family Series but a fantastic second chance romance in itself as well. Personally I think everything written by Beverly Preston is a must read.

The Verdict:




Summer skewered her with a harsh stare. “Stop acting like you don’t feel the connection we share.”

“That was a long time ago, Summer. You don’t know anything about me anymore.”

“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong Red. I know exactly who you are. What you want. What makes you happy. You need a man who will want you for exactly who you are. Independent, hardworking, passionate, fun, bossy and as stubborn as the day is long…in Alaska.” In spite of his seriousness, she almost smiled. “You also need a man who’s confident enough to put you in your place occasionally.”

“Don’t forget faithful,” she stabbed, whirling her back to him. Her breasts on display to the great outdoors reaching for her shirt. Thrusting each arm into the oversized sleeves, she busied herself with the buttons. High strung emotions caused her fingers to tremble, hindering her progress. “That man doesn’t exist.”

She heard him make a scoffing sound as he latched his fingers around her wrist, turning her to face him. Her heart spurred into a frantic beat. His grip so gentle and caring that she had no chance at resisting him. The soft cotton fabric of her shirt listed open all the way to her navel and below. The slope of her full breasts fully exposed, yet he seemed enthralled with her face.

“Our connection is far more than physical. We share a closeness, an intimacy that stretches beyond that of past lovers, Carrie Ann. Our bodies, our energy, we vibrate on the same frequency.” A familiar strain in his tone, low and ragged, flooded her with memories of long nights filled with passion and companionship. “Your laugh reaches the darkest, dustiest corners of my soul and brings it to life. When you’re near me my heart feels fuller. My breath comes easier. My smile…fuck…I can’t wipe it off my face when I’m near you. I connect with you on every level of my being, Carrie Ann.”

“What are you? Some kind of inspirational relationship guru now?”

He ignored the dig. “You make me fall for you…every…single…time just by the way you look at me.”

Battling the oncoming waterworks burning the back of her eyes and nose, she willed her defenses, regarding him scornfully, “You just want a blow job or…or a fuck for the night.”

His eyes broadened. Her crudeness surprised him more than it shocked herself.

“Well, I do love the vision of your mouth wrapped around my cock.” He moved closer, coasting his fingers along the ridge of her jaw. “And I most certainly want to fuck you senseless.”

“I’m sure you’ve knocked sense into plenty of women.”

“Carrie Ann, I’ve never wanted to fuck another woman the way I want to fuck you.”

Her lip curled, repulsed by his words. Summer was visibly shaking. She started to pull away from him, but he gripped her arms.

“You’re also the only woman I can really talk to. And the woman I want to look into the future with. Plain and simple, Red. I just want you. Inside, outside, upside down and fucking sideways.” The demanding but gentle squeeze of his fingers around her biceps, drew a rush of breath from her lungs. A flash of belligerent male triumph ignited fire in his eyes. Apparently he was happy to have finally made his point. “Carrie Ann, you’re the only woman I want in my bed when I wake up every morning.”


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About Beverly Preston

Beverly Preston is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotionally rich and sinfully sexy stories about the ultimate alpha good guy; the kind of man you want to drag you to bed and put a ring on your finger. She also has a passion for strong, humorous, female characters and stories ingrained in a solid sense of family and loyalty.

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, four kids, and two golden retrievers. If she’s not spinning richly emotional stories, you’ll find her on her spin bike.

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with The Mathews Family one Happily Ever After at a time.

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