“East Of Redemption” Book Review/ Giveaway**

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“East Of Redemption” Book Review/ Giveaway**East Of Redemption by Molly Lee
Series: Love On The Edge #2
Published by Self-Published on June 8th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Easton Wells has spent years burying his guilt by digging up some of the world’s most renowned treasures while surviving the dangerous terrains in which they’re located—all captured for television. When his producers threaten to axe the show, he has no choice but to turn to the last person he still trusts—the girl he left behind.

Rain Walker has made a name for herself documenting wild and endangered animals, and the last voice she expects to hear while shooting in South Africa is Easton’s. He’s more gorgeous than she remembers, but the pain in her heart is as fresh as ever. They’d once planned on spending the rest of their lives together, but after her father’s tragic death while on expedition in Israel with him, Easton bailed on their future together without an explanation. It’s been nine years, and yet the intense love they shared seems only a moment ago.

When he asks her to film his latest treasure hunt, Rain wants to turn him down instantly. But when he explains it’s to the same cave that swallowed her father, she can’t say no. She wants to experience the last place her father was alive, and she’s beyond curious about what happened to the boy she used to love.

They’ve got two weeks to locate a treasure that’s been lost for centuries, or Easton will lose the one thing in his life he’s come to depend on. As their old passion is reignited—and dark secrets uncovered—they face the extreme terrain of the mountain range that threatens them at every turn. As more than the wildlife and sharp drop-offs tries to kill them, Rain starts to question if the legendary treasure they seek—the same one her father had died trying to unearth—is truly meant to be found, or if some things, including their feelings for each other, are better left buried.

Micah’s Thoughts:

I’ve had this book on my kindle for a bit and I had other books I have chosen to read in front of it. And now that I finally have gotten to it, I am hitting myself for it. WHAT a fantastic journey of a book. Not ONLY do you get a beautiful second chance romance with well deserving, kick-ass characters, but you also get an amazing adventure right along with it!

This story is a little like Indiana Jones meets a hot steamy romance novel…if I found Harrison Ford attractive. And if Indiana Jones wasn’t so reckless.

Easton and Rain have, in a sense, grown up together. Harrison is Rain’s father and unofficially adopted Easton at a young age. Harrison was an archaeologist and took Rain and Easton on all of his digs and treasure hunts. Easton and Rain fell so deep in love, being around each other so often, as well. These adventures set a fire in Easton’s life and mind. He wanted to do this for his entire life, with Rain by his side. Early in the story, we read of tragedy when Harrison and Easton were on an expedition and Harrison didn’t make it back. Struck with grief over Harrison’s death, Easton abandoned Rain and set out on his own path.

When we meet them again, Easton has a hit (well, waning hit show that is near cancellation) show about daredevil treasure hunting. He needs to set out on a BIG score on his own to save his show. Rain is a successful photographer, snapping shots of animals in Africa when Easton finds her. This is the first time they have spoken in years. He snares her into working with him with the plan: of returning to the cave where her father perished for the big score that they only scratched the surface of.

Sparks fly in this one. We have YEARS of uncovered emotions to get through with these two. In addition, they are battling their emotions and outside forces. I mean….this book has a little of everything: animal attacks, a rival treasure hunting troupe tracking them, gun fire, and on top of all that, having to survive the elements (I mean, aside from the animal).

Overall, this book was so enjoyable to read. I give it a solid 5 stars! Pick it up and take an adventure with Easton and Rain!

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About Molly Lee

Molly E. Lee is an author best known for her debut novel EDGE OF CHAOS, and as a fourth year mentor at Pitch Wars – a program which connects promising writers to established authors in the community. Molly writes New Adult Contemporary and Young Adult Urban Fantasy featuring strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts, yet still vulnerable enough to have love sneak up on them. In addition to being a military spouse and mother of two + one stubborn English Bulldog, Molly loves watching storms from her back porch at her Midwest home, and digging for treasures in antique stores.

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