“Moonshot” Q&A Review

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“Moonshot” Q&A ReviewMoonshot by Alessandra Torre
Published by Self-Published on July 4th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death…

The summer that Chase Stern entered my life, I was seventeen. The daughter of a legend, the Yankees were my family, their stadium my home, their dugout my workplace. My focus was on the game. Chase... he started out as a distraction. A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame. A distraction who played like a god and partied like a devil.

I tried to stay away. I couldn’t.

Then, the team started losing.
Women started dying.
And everything in my world broke apart.

Q&A Review by Angie, Liezel and Micah

What is your favorite quote in Moonshot?

Angie: I have so many quotes highlighted but this one stands out the most for me. It resonates within me. Makes me remember my love for my husband when it was new.

Certain loves can’t be fought. The harder you tried, the harder you would be knocked back, over and over again, until your heart caved and your body surrendered. Love like that didn’t know the rules of society; it didn’t care about life mistakes it only knew what must be, and what would happen-no matter what.

Liezel: I completely agree with Angie…there were so many memorable quotes. The one that stood out (or should I say, had me swooning) the most is when Chase expresses his deepest feelings for Ty.

I love you because you see me more as a baseball player.
I love you because your smile does something to my heart.
I love you because right now, there’s nothing more tempting in life that to pull you on top of me and push inside you.
And I love you because you’re the first woman on Earth who I’ve wanted to wait for…

Micah: Other than the paragraph Liezel mentioned, I didn’t have a favorite quote. I really liked when he spelled out all the reasons he loved her. It was very swoon worthy. I am going to be honest and say that at this point in the story it was a tad bit skeevy, but these are just my personal predilections.

Was the story predictable?

Angie: Yes and no. No-I thought I had the who done it figured out but then another clue was given so I changed my mind but when it came down to the actual part of who was killing those girls then I had no clue. It completely surprised the hell out of me! Yes-To the romance. I knew who Ty was destined to be with. It took her a little longer to get there but I knew who she would end up with.

Liezel: There were a few elements that were. It was unmistakable who Ty was going to end up with. A connection that deep and intense is difficult to miss. So, I would have to say the relationship part was predictable. This however didn’t spoil it for me. I still managed to get swept into the story that I missed the clues as to who was causing the pain and torment. I was definitely surprised at the end.

Micah: No. I mean, I knew who Ty was eventually going to end up with, but I didn’t realize the myriad of twists and turns that their love story would take. In addition to that, there was a different story line that was a different element that added suspense and mystery to the story, in addition to the angsty romance. I wasn’t expecting that part.

Were the characters relatable?

Angie: I thought so especially Ty. My sister was Ty. She was the little girl growing up watching the Atlanta Braves with my dad not on the sidelines like Ty but she knows the jargon. She can talk baseball with the best. We both played softball in school. I was the best runner she the best hitter. So when I was reading about Ty it reminded me of my sister then of me. Of lost innocence. Chase was the boy I fawned over in high school. Who doesn’t like the hs stud? Like Ty said the untouchable one.

Liezel: I could relate in the sense that I too experienced that madness of falling in love that very first time. It wasn’t as dramatic as Ty’s story but the way Alessandra described the whirlwind of emotions that occur during that time was spot-on. It definitely brought back so many great memories!

I have never been into sports. When A.Torre mentioned at the end…”Throw me a ball and I’ll duck for cover”..she was describing me down to a “T”. I can not relate to the players nor the game but this was another element that made the story even more interesting.

Micah: For me? Not really. But that didn’t make me like them less. I do enjoy baseball from time to time, but I am not obsessed with it or watch it on a regular occasion. I couldn’t fathom taking a young child out on the road, with all of the debauchery that is in it. However, I grew to love the world that they live in. I am not into sports at all. I never have them on TV, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good sports romance from time to time, especially one as well written as this one.

What did you think overall?

Angie: I absolutely love Moonshot! Hands down this is the best book I’ve read by Alessandra and I’m a huge fan. I love all her books but Moonshot knocks them out of the park!

Liezel: Honestly? Moonshot stressed me the FUCK out (can I say that?) I have this illogical uneasiness about cheating. I can’t explain it especially considering that this is all a work of fiction. Because of this, I tend to avoid such stories but my co-blogger ^^^ reminded me that as long as long as the story is written with tact and finesse than it  shouldn’t be an issue and Alessandra Torre proved her point.

Micah: I really liked this one. I had some problems with some of the character’s choices. But these are personal problems I have across ALL romances novels. Just like I won’t read teacher/romances when the student is in high school…that is a personal preference. I STILL have a problem with decisions Tyler made in the novel, I ended up liking the end result of the novel.

Would you recommend this book?

Angie: Yes!! Yes!! Hell yes!! If you love romance, a little suspense and baseball then you have to read Moonshot! Hell even if you don’t love all 3 but only 1 then still read it! You won’t be disappointed!

Liezel: Absolutely! Moonshot was such a well-rounded story – a perfect balance between sports, suspense and of course romance. I would say that this book is one of my favorite reads of 2016.

Micah: Yes I would recommend this book. I really enjoyed this book and devoured it in a day. Once you hit a certain point in the book, you won’t be able to put in down. It is heartbreaking, uplifting, hopeful, saddening, tense…all rolled into one. Add in a hot baseball player with some hot action…that makes a really great read!

The Verdict:


What authors are saying about Moonshot….

“The perfect summer read! Love, angst, passion, heartache, and one killer twist. I loved it! 6 stars!” ~ Mia Asher, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Hands down, Moonshot is the most addictively clever story I’ve read all year!” ~ Whitney Gracia Williams, NYT Bestselling Author

“I LOVED Moonshot! It’s the perfect summer read: sexy, suspenseful, and shocking. Moonshot is Alessandra Torre at her best!” ~ Ella James, USA Today Bestselling Author

“I absolutely loved this one-devoured it. Every bite was a perfectly balanced taste of romance, suspense and heart-pounding sensuality. Alessandra Torre has outdone herself and I know this one will be a reread favorite!” ~Rebecca Yarros, Author of the Flight & Glory Series

“Alessandra has set the bar higher than ever, mixing suspense and sex in her own special brand of perfectly-crafted alchemy. Moonshot is a home run.” ~ CD Reiss, USA Today Bestselling author of Hardball



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