Razing Grace Book Review

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Razing Grace Book ReviewRazing Grace by Amo Jones
Published by Self-Published on January 17, 2017
Genres: Dark Romance
Format: eARC
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Can something that burns so rapidly calm the whispering chaos of your cries? Or is this all just an illusion. The perfect hypnosis. Like the humming of a sweet melody to your frantic brain.
Blood trickled over the curve of Millie’s collarbone.
Slithering over her shoulder.
Sliding off and into the mass puddle of death surrounding her.
The last petal has fallen, a queen is born, and the disarray of her world is about to shatter under her very throne.

“She knows too much…”

 Liezel’s Thoughts:

 Have you ever read a book that played out like a Quinton Tarantino film? Like seriously,  why don’t you just turn around and mercilessly rip out a man’s innards and urinate on them why don’t you? And this is just ONE of the many scenes that will forever be seared into my brain.

 That isn’t even the best part. I would have to say it was the heroine – Millie, that kept me completely enraptured. You see, Millie was a nun who was kidnapped, raped and later sold to the highest bidder. In between each of those scenarios I was waiting for her spirit to break but instead, she rises above it all. I don’t know how she ends up as a nun but it is pretty obvious that that wasn’t her calling at all. It was as if she was fated to forever be the Underworld’s Queen.

 At the tender young age of five, Raze was forced to begin his training and he didn’t earn his title as The Executioner for nothing. The things that he does are some of the most violent acts that I have ever come across in fiction. Hours later, I am still wondering… How TF did Amo Jones come up with this stuff? She sure as hell has one interesting (and scary) imagination, I kid you not!

 I would have never thought someone like Raze could come back from all of that darkness but just merely being in Millie’s presence changes things tenfold (or should I say sixfold?) In many ways she has the potential to be his downfall but if you look at the broader picture, the innocent nun is his savior.

 I read to get away from the monotony of every life and it never fails, when I pick up a book written by Amo Jones I get just that – the perfect escape. If you are new to this author and appreciate an action-filled, intense and edgy, dark romance then don’t hesitate to pick up this book. Surely it was written specifically for you!

 The Verdict:


Read Part 1 FIRST

Then, Part 2

About Amo Jones

There’s not much to say, but I like cake (red velvet), my readers are like my best friends, I have a sudden love for America, and, oh hey, cake!
I guess I sort of like wine too…

Those are not my monkeys, I swear…
Oh those hellhounds? Yeah, those are mine.

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