Angels Fall Book Review/ Giveaway**

March 27, 2018 / 3 comments

Angels Fall Book Review/ Giveaway**Angels Fall by J. A. Huss, Johnathan McClain
Series: Original Sin #2
Published by Self-Published on March 27th 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Sometimes angels fall.

Maddie doesn’t really owe drug lord, Carlos Castillo, money. So she hadn’t taken his threats seriously. Until now. He wants it, whether she owes it or not. And if she doesn’t have it in six weeks he’s gonna take her as payment instead.

Tyler would save the world if he could. That’s a fight that lasts forever. And if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s fighting. So if Maddie thinks she’s gonna deal with an insane drug lord on her own, she’s crazier than he is.

She’s got a debt she can’t pay. He’s got more money than he needs.
She’s not gonna fall for his charm. He’s gonna make sure that happens.

They’re destined to be together. Even if Maddie doesn’t know it yet.
Sometimes your soul mate isn’t who you’d choose, it’s who you need.

Good thing you don’t get to choose.

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Angie’s Thoughts:

Another great read by the talented writing duo!!

I don’t even know where to start. Angels Fall picked up exactly where Sin With Me left us hanging. Maddie’s on her way to see Carlos and Tyler’s in a room full of flames. Now you have to read to find out exactly what happens.

We see so much growth with Maddie and Tyler as individuals and together. So much has changed for the better and worse. Maddie sinks even lower. Her depression becoming worse and her stubbornness getting the better part of her is not helping. We also see Maddie becoming strong. In her hopelessness we start seeing her find light in the darkness and I’m loving this new Maddie.

Tyler is something else. He’s strong willed and not easily deterred. Which can be annoying or downright swoon worthy depending on which situation we’re talking about. I love how he’s grown. He has come so far. He still has his flaws though and some of his inner monologue can be confusing at times.

Overall this book was a rainstorm on a dry summer day. Refreshing, wet, dark and satisfying. Leaving you panting for more from the heat that you just experienced. J.A. Huss never disappoints me and Johnathan McClain is quickly becoming a new favorite.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

I simply can not get enough of these characters! Just when I thought I discovered everything that there is to know about Maddie and Tyler – Julie and Johnathan surprise us with so much more.

Let’s face it, these two are utterly lost! You are left wondering how in the world are these two even possible – but somehow, someway these amazing authors prove to us that they are one part of a whole, where one can not exist without the other.

I love their complexity. The series isn’t just an epic love story rather its a perfect combination of romance, suspense and of course humor. I personally can not wait to read more about this intriguing couple.

The Verdict:

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“How’s that feel?” I mutter out, my mouth just above a whisper. Just loud enough for her to hear the question over the hum of the vibrator and the sound of her own moans.
“Good,” she whines back.
“Just good?” I ask.
But before I let her answer the question, I slide the vibrator back to the opening I’m currently pouring myself into and work the very tip of the second dick inside of her as well, stretching her just that much more open and continuing to thrust back and forth while the vibrator massages the inside of her walls. She begins panting.
“How ‘bout now?” I ask.
“Fuck yeah,” she groans back.
Her hands splay out in front of her, gripping at the sheets, her arms stiffening and her lower back arching more as she continues pressing into me. I pull the vibrator away and lay it on the bed.
“What are you doing?” she pleads. “That was amazing.”
“No,” I whisper as I bend over to kiss her shoulder blades and bury my face in her hair. “That wasn’t amazing. This is amazing.”
And before she can ask ‘what?’ I’m up on the bed, my knees under me, her pulled back onto my dick, ass pressed into my thighs like she’s sitting on my lap, her legs sticking out behind me, and I tell her, “Put your arms out in front of you. Like Supergirl. I’m gonna make you fly.”
“What?” she says.
I take both of her arms, throw them out in front of her, grab her hips as tightly as I can, and pound in and out of her ferociously, bouncing her on my cock.
“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” she huffs with each thrust.
She keeps her arms suspended in the air that way like the sexiest goddamn super-hero ever, flying through the sky, propelled forward by the force of our fucking. I support her weight with my hands on her hips and the hard, fast motion of my thighs driving into her creamy skin, over and over again. I can feel her muscles tighten as she strains to hold herself aloft and it just makes me fuck her harder.
I keep my right hand in place and with my left, I take up a fistful of silky red. I yank her hair back, exposing her neck to the ceiling and her hands now fly up to grab at my fist, making sure to keep it locked there on her head.
Or so I think.
Because suddenly, she’s pulling my hand away from her hair and bringing it around to rest on her throat.
“Here,” she pants. “Squeeze.

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About J. A. Huss

J. A. Huss likes to write new adult books that make you think and keep you guessing. Her favorite genre to read is space opera, but since practically no one reads those books, she writes new adult science fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy, and books about Junco (who refuses to be saddled with a label).

She has an undergraduate degree in horses, (yes, really–Thank you, Colorado State University) and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology from the University of Florida. She used to have a job driving around Colorado doing pretty much nothing but shooting the breeze with farmers, but now she just writes, runs the New Adult Addiction and Clean Teen Reads Book Blogs, and runs an online science classroom for homeschoolers.

About Johnathan McClain

Johnathan McClain is a veteran actor and writer whose work, either performed or written, is probably airing on at least one of the channels on your television right now.

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