Seventh Born Book Review

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Seventh Born Book ReviewSeventh Born by Monica Sanz
Published by Entangled on September 4th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Source: Netgalley
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Abomination. Curse. Murderer. All names hurled at eighteen-year-old Seraphina Dovetail. As the seventh-born daughter to a witch, she's the cause of her mother losing her powers and, in turn, her life.

Abandoned as a child, Sera dreams of becoming an inspector and finding her family. To do that, she must be referred into the Advanced Studies Program at the Aetherium's Witchling Academy. Her birth order, quick temper, and tendency to set things on fire, however, have left her an outcast with failing marks…and just what Professor Nikolai Barrington is looking for.

The tall, brooding, yet exceedingly handsome young professor makes her a proposition: become his assistant and he'll give her the referral she needs. Sera is quickly thrust into a world where witches are being kidnapped, bodies are raised from the dead, and someone is burning seventhborns alive. As Sera and Barrington grow ever closer, she'll discover that some secrets are best left buried…and fire isn't the only thing that makes a witch burn

Angie’s Thoughts:

Seventh Born is a book full of surprises. You think at first that this book might not be everything you thought it to be but you’re quickly proven wrong. It’s addicting. Fast paced. Suspenseful. Gory. Scary. Full of twist and turns that leave your jaw on the floor and keeping it that way until the last page.

I had a lot of fun reading this book. I finally found a Witch book that was addicting and exciting. One that is still on my mind. I loved it so much that I dreamt about dead girls being raised from the dead and the mysterious Professor Barrington. You may think that sounds like a nightmare but to me, it wasn’t. When a book gets under your skin that much that you dream about it, to me, is a great book.

This book is about seventh born witches. They are born of death and therefore hated. The prejudice is real in this book and I found myself seriously pissed off at some of the side characters. My emotions were everywhere. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and sometimes I did both.

I loved Sera so much. She’s lost everything and went through some horrible things but she was so strong. She’s like a willow tree bending in the wind. You think it might break but it still stands strong and tall. My heart went out to her so much. I was also proud of her. She’s a strong feminine character. She’s really a badass. Lol

Professor Barrington is book boyfriend material. He’s mysterious, strong, handsome, and a bad boy we all love to hate. At first, you think he’s a jerk but there’s so much behind his tough guy exterior. I have so much hope for him in the next book.

Overall, this is one book you don’t want to miss out on. The writing isn’t perfect by any means but I think it added to the eerie feel of the book. Book 2 can’t come quick enough. I’m itching to read more!

The Verdict:


About Monica Sanz

Monica Sanz has been writing from the moment she could string together a sentence. Her stories have come a long way from mysterious portals opening in the school cafeteria, transporting classmates to distant worlds. A classic by the name Wuthering Heights is responsible for that. She’s been lost to dark romances and brooding fictional men ever since. Now she writes about grumpy professors, cursed ringmaster, tortured soul collectors, and the girls they fall in love with.

Monica’s books have received many accolades on the social writing website Wattpad. She’s accumulated over six million reads, eighty thousand votes, and fifteen thousand comments since posting her books on the website. She is also a member of the Wattpad4, a group of writers who host weekly Twitter chats on the subjects of writing and publishing.

When not lost in one of her made-up worlds, she can be found on the sunny beaches of South Florida where she resides with her husband and their three children or scouring YouTube for new bands to feed her music addiction.

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