Teardrop Shot Book Review

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Teardrop Shot Book ReviewTeardrop Shot by Tijan
Published by Independently Published on June 24th 2019 b
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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I asked for his criteria for bed buddies-that's the PG version.

He swore at me and said he didn't do groupies. And just like that, our friendship was off to a great start.

Reese Forster was the starting point guard for the Seattle Thunder.

Gorgeous. Cocky. Loved by the nation.

He's also attending preseason basketball training camp where I used to work.

Correction: where I work again, because I was fired from my last job.

And dumped.

And I might have a tiny bit of baggage, but that's normal. Right?

Reese and I shouldn't have become friends. We shouldn't have become roommates.

And we really shouldn't have started sleeping together ... (Except we did.)

I'm adorably psychotic. He's in the NBA.
This is not a disaster waiting to happen, at all.

Angie’s Thoughts:

This book was amazing! I’ve not been reading that many romance books but I’m so happy I didn’t pass this up! I loved how it was a slow burn and not an immediate “I love you” book. The sex scenes weren’t even that graphic and it was a nice change. I loved Reese and Charlie so much. The chemistry they had for each other was off the charts and even the love/hate relationship they had going on. I couldn’t read it fast enough. It was a great sports romance book. The best I’ve read since Moonshot by Alessandra Torre.

The Verdict:


“It’s not that.” He gripped the back of his neck. “As a line, that was almost lame compared to some I’ve heard.” An easy grin fell back in place and he let go of his neck, nodding to me. “You can do better.”This guy.I—no words. Then I blinked a few times, staring at him because he was right. I could do better, and that sort of thing wouldn’t even phase him.“Okay. Fine.” I could do this. This was weird.I was still going with it. “Is your dick cold? Because I’ve got a warmer for it.”He didn’t react, his face expressionless, then his smirk grew. “That’s it? We’re not at the Roxbury. Do better.” His smirk was growing cocky.Jesus. He did not realize the stalker he was fanning here. Some of the bouncing from the court lessened. The guys were starting to watch us. One guy broke from their group, heading over. I saw it from the corner of my eye.I coughed. “I don’t know. How do girls usually hit on you?”He shrugged. “Most just usually send me a nude in my messages. Or you know, practically beingnaked and just grabbing me.”“That works?”His smirk was almost rakish now. “If I have an itch and she’s got the warmer for my dick.”That was so crude. My warmer got hotter.“Yeah. Well. I’m trying to warn you away from me.”He rolled his eyes. “You don’t scare me. Besides, I thought you were funny.” He relaxed, rolling his shoulders back.“Reese,” Juan called out, halfway to us. He shot out a ball. It bounced once and Reese caught it without looking away from me.“You think I’m less funny now that I’m being honest?”He flexed his hands around the ball. “Maybe I’m missing the questions?”Juan stopped just shy of joining our group and conversation. He was waiting.And I was waiting too. No one missed my questions. I didn’t even miss my questions. I was waiting because I didn’t know how to process this conversation. I narrowed my eyes at him. “Are you messing with me?”There was another burning feeling in me, moving up, spreading over my stomach, my chest, rising all the way to my neck. It was a burning feeling that I hadn’t felt in so long. I almost didn’t-recognize it.“Is that another attempt? ’Cause that’s lame too.” He smirked. “Thought you weren’t a camp groupie?”Well…there was always going to be a fine line with that one, especially with him, only with him.I closed my mouth and bit down hard. Juan Cartion was listening to our conversation, and not even hiding it. The Cruskinator was coming in too, his large hands on his hips.I focused back on him, trying to ignore the other two and now a third was coming over. “We have an audience.”Reese’s eyebrows pulled together, skimming a look over his teammates. “So?”“So.” I coughed, smiling and dipping my head down. My hands were almost shaking. “I should get the cage open. Excuse me.”I wasn’t running. I honestly wasn’t.
I wasn’t hiding. I wasn’t avoiding.I—just—I’d hid from life while I was with Damian, then hid for another year, and Lucas had been a crash and burn attempt at jump-starting my whole living again. This, though. This, with a minor conversation with Reese Forster (yes, I had to say his last name because his first name didn’t put it into the best perspective) had me feeling things I’d almost forgotten could happen in me.I felt normal, for a small moment.I was a girl crushing on a guy, not a fangirl gawking over a celebrity, and it hit me hard in the chest. Right there, making that thing pumping and skipping a beat. That was what I’d been afraid of. 4. We were heading down the trail when we passed a few of his teammates coming the other way.I averted my gaze, pulling on his sweatshirt as he stopped.“What’s up, Forster?”“Not much. Heading back to shoot some hoops.”I could feel their gazes.Reese’s sweatshirt swamped me, but it smelled like him. A hint of sand and pine mixed together.Tugging his sleeves down, I balled them up and pretended to look at them.“We bus out at ten, right?”Reese nodded. “Yeah. Breakfast is at nine.”That was news to me, though not the busing-out part. I knew they had another preseason game coming up.Fists bumped between Reese and the others as they said their goodnights. We’d walked a few feet before someone murmured something, and the others began laughing. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I knew that laugh was about me.“They think we’re fucking,” Reese commented.I smothered a “WHAT?” and let out a strangled chuckle instead. “Yeah. No shit.” A second thought, “You think they’ll tell your coaches about me staying in your cabin?” Because I hadn’t said a word to the other staff. I didn’t want to hear any of the lectures I’d get. Plus I knew Keith would relish the chance to fire me.“Nah. And to be honest, I don’t think the coaches would give a shit—as long as we show and do our jobs. And you’re not underage.” He laughed. “Juan told the guys about your cabin, but none of them are buying it. I figure it’s easier to let them think that than tell them truth. Is that okay with you?”I looked up. “What’s the truth?”He grinned, the look taking him from hot to HOT. “That you’ve become like an annoying gnat that I like for some reason.” He raised an eyebrow. “How’s that for the truth?”Warmth flooded me. I could be a gnat.We started forward again, and I kept his sleeves wrapped around my hands. “You could tell them the other truth.”“Yeah? What’s that?”“That I’m a stalker with polite boundaries.”He groaned. “Stop with the stalking bullshit.” He swung, but his fist was more of a tap on my shoulder. It was a soft tap, one between friends.Friends.We’d become friends. I was okay with that.


About Tijan

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new YA series along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn’t be without and an English Cocker she adores.

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