For The Fans Book Review

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For The Fans Book ReviewFor The Fans on February 23, 2023
Genres: Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, MM Romance
Format: ebook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Kyran Harbor is everything I’m not.

Rich. Popular. A superstar football player who’s awfully broody for someone who has it all. Basically, he’s a preppy jock who hates me. Oh, and he’s also my stepbrother.

That’s right. We’re stuck together, sharing a school, a house… A bathroom. Honestly, I wouldn’t care… If he wasn’t such an uptight control-freak who messes with me just because we’re different.

I had every intention of avoiding him when we got to college… Until abrupt misfortune forces us both into a compromising position.

Now the grouchy jerk I was hoping to evade might be the only person who can help me out of it.

Avi Vega is everything I despise.

A dreamer. A flake. An artist who smokes too much weed and thinks aliens exist. And by some sick cosmic joke, he’s now my stepbrother, following me on what should’ve been my escape plan.

It was already a disaster. Add a sudden financial disruption to the mix, and let’s just say my options are heavily limited.

If I want to stay an all-star quarterback on the way to the NFL, I’ll need to do something drastic. Unfortunately for me, and my desperate desire for control, the perpetually smiling stoner has a plan.

Maybe we can stop hating each other just enough to pull this off. As long as we remember we’re only doing it… for the fans.

Why I chose to read this book?

I have never read a book by this author and decided to try a new to me author.  Also, a special edition was released by  Cover to Cover. They designed a beautiful cover and decided to see if what was inside was beautiful too. And I am glad that I did because this story was terrific.

I loved that it wasn’t just about wild, passionate MM sex (which this book has a lot of) rather, it took on more sensitive issues mentioned below.  Seriously, this is one of the best MM Romances I’ve read throughout the years. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Nyla K.


Enemies to Lovers

MM Romance

College Romance

Forbidden Love

Involves sports (football)

True Love

Involved forgiveness and healing



Somewhat uncomfortable with the religion bashing

The Verdict:



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