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A Brand New Ending – S.A. Rolls

Addicted To You – Colina Brennan

Afflicted – Sophie Monroe

A Graceful Mess – Nacole Stayton

A Little Too Far – Lisa Desrochers

All The Right Things – Audrey Harte

A Love Like This – Kahlen Aymes

Alpha – Jasinda Wilder

Always Enough – Stacy Borel

Anywhere With You – Kaylee Ryan

Appetizers – Everly Drummond, Ivan Rusilko

Archangel’s Legion – Nalini Singh

Arouse – Nina Lane

A Shiver of Light – Laurell K. Hamilton

A Toast to the Good Times  – Liz Reinhardt , Steph Campbell

Avoiding Temptation – K.A. Linde

Axel – Harper Sloan


Bad Boy Rock Star – Candy Starr

Bang – E.K. Blair

Battlescars – Sophie Monroe

Beautiful Broken Rules – Kimberly Lauren

Beauty from Love – Georgia Cates

Beauty from Pain – Georgia Cates

Beauty from Surrender – Georgia Cates

Beck – Harper Sloan

Becoming More – Bayli Lane

Beg – CD Reiss

Being Me – Lisa Renee Jones

Beneath the Burn – Pam Godwin

Better – S. Walden

Bidding Wars – Lacey Wolfe

Bikers and Tinsel – Bella Jewel

Blind Attraction – Eden Summers

Bloodline Immersed In You – A.R. Dean

Blue Lines – Toni Aleo

Bold Tricks – Karina Halle

Broken and Screwed 2 – Tijan

Broken / Mending – J.B.McGee

Broken Dreams – Dawn Pendleton

Broken Promises – Dawn Pendleton

By Referral Only – Lila Payne


City of the Fallen – Diana Bocco

Collide -Gail McHugh

Come To Me Quietly – A.L. Jackson

Connected – Kim Karr

Convicted – Aleatha Romig

Crashed – K. Bromberg

Crave – Monica Murphy


Dark Universe – Devon Herrera

Devour Me – Kailin Gow

Demon Possession – Kiersten Fay

Diary of a Male Maid – Jennifer Foor

Distractions – J.L. Brooks

Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid _ Tiffany Allee

Don’t Lie To Me – Stacey Lynn

Down N’ Derby – Lila Felix

Down London Road – Samantha Young

Driven – K. Bromberg


Embrace – S.E. Hall

Emerge – S.E. Hall

Enslaved by the Ocean – Bella Jewel

Entangled –  S.E. Hall

Entice – S.E. Hall

Escaping Reality – Lisa Renee Jones

Executive Sweet – Sage Ardman

Eversea -Natasha Boyd

Every Breath – Tasha Ivey

Everything Between Us – Mila Ferrera

Everything For Us – M. Leighton

Eyes Wide Open – Raine Miller


Faking It – Cora Carmack

Fallen For You – Carlie Sexton

Falling – E.K. Blair

Falling For Mr. Wrong – Inara Scott

Falling Into You – Jasinda Wilder

Feel The Rush – Kelsie Leverich

Fighting for Flight – J.B. Salsbury

Fighting Redemption – Kate McCarthy

Fighting to Forget –  J. B. Salsbury

Find You in the Dark – A. Meredith Walters

Flat-Out Love/Matt – Jessica Park

Flesh – Kylie Scott

Forever, Jack  – Natasha Boyd

Forever Too Far – Abbi Glines

Forever Innocent – Deanna Roy

Forgiven -J. B. McGee

Four Letters – Lisa M. Harvey

Freeing – E.K. Blair

Frontline – Alexandra Richland

Fueled – K. Bromberg

Full Throttle – Chelsea Camaron


Gabriel’s Redemption – Sylvain Reynard

Girls Love Travis Walker – Anne Pfeffer

Girl On Tour – Caisey Quinn

Girl With Guitar – Caisey Quinn

Given To You – Carlie Sexton

Good – S. Walden

Good Intentions – S.L.Scott

Good Sensations – S.L. Scott

Gorgeous Chaos – T.K. Leigh

Grounded – R.K. Lilley

Guns – J.A. Huss


Hard As It Gets – Laura Kaye

Hardpressed – Meredith Wild

Heaven’s Sinners – Bella Jewel

Hell’s Knights – Bella Jewel

Hers – Dawn Robertson

High Risk Love – Shannon Mayer

Home Sweet Home – Scarlett Metal


Inevitable – Angela Graham

Infatuation – Nicole Edwards

In the Air – Crystal Serowka

In the Stillness – Andrea Randall

In Too Deep – Brandy L. Rivers

In Too Deep – Michelle Kemper Brownlow

Irreplacable – Angela Graham

Irresistible Refrain – Michelle Mankin

It’s Not Over – A.L. Zaun


Jenny’s Blue Velvet – Angela Carlie


Knight and Play – Kitty French

Knight and Day – Kitty French

Knights’ Sinner – Bella Jewel

Knotted Roots – Ruthi Kight


Lady Luck – Kristen Ashley

Last Breath – Jen Frederick, Jessica Clare

Last Hit – Jen Frederick, Jessica Clare

Law of Attraction – N.M. Silber

Leave Me Breathless – Cherrie Lynn

Let Love Heal – Melissa Collins

Let Love Stay – Melissa Collins

Lie To Me – Chloe Cox

Light in the Shadows – A. Meredith Walters

Lost To You – A.L. Jackson

Love and Skate – Lila Felix

Love, Chocolate and Beer – Violet Duke

Love In Darkness – E. M. Tippetts

Love In All the Wrong Places – Audrey Harte


Manic – A.J. Huss

Man of My Dreams – Faith Andrews

Mud Vein – Tarryn Fisher

Music of the Heart – Katie Ashley

Music Of The Soul – Katie Ashley

My Unexpected Forever – Heidi Mclaughlin


Natural Harmony – Kate Roth

Nets and Lies – Katie Ashley

Never Can Tell – C.M. Stunich

New Beginnings – Brandy L. Rivers

Nico – J.B. Hartness

Now Or Never – A.J. Bennett


Off Course  – Sawyer Bennett

One To Hold – Tia Louise

One To Keep – Tia Louise

On Every Street – Karina Halle

Otherwise Occupied – Shay Savage

Otherwise Unharmed – Shay Savage


Panic– J.A. Huss

Passionate Addiction – Eden Summers

Personal Experiences – Tracy Lee

Phenomenal X – Michelle Valentine

Picture Perfect – Elisabeth Grace

Play – Kylie Scott

Playing With Fire – Ashley Piscitelli 

Poughkeepsie – Debra Anastasia

Past Imperfect – Alison Bailey

Pulse – Gail McHugh


Quintessentially Q – Pepper Winters


Raid – Kristen Ashley

Ravenous – Eden Summers

Raw – Bella Aurora

Real – Katy Evans

Reality Hero – Ashlyn Monroe

Reckless – S.C. Stephens

Restore Me – J.L. Mac

Restore My Heart – Chelsea Camaron

Reunion – M.R. Joseph

Revenge In Rio – Samantha Darling

Revealing Us – Lisa Renee Jones

Rock My Bed – Michelle Valentine

Rock My World – Michelle Valentine

Rock With Me – Kristen Proby

Rotten – J.L. Brooks

Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken

Rumor Has It – Elisabeth Grace

Runaway Groom – Sally Clements


Sapphire Universe -Devon Herrera

Saving Us – Jennifer Foor

Savor – Monica Murphy

Savor Me – Kailin Gow

Second Nature – D.L. Roan

Seductive Secrecy – Marni Maan

Seductive Shadows – Marni Maan

Shadows of the Past – Brandy L. Rivers

Shine not Burn – Elle Casey

Sin at Sea – Emma Nichols

Sins and Needles – Karina Halle

Skin – Kylie Scott

Stars and Stripes – Tiffany Reisz

Strip Me Bare – Marissa Carmel

Stripped – Jasinda Wilder

Suicide Note – eresa Mummert

Summer’s Desire – Olivia Lynde

Suddenly Royal – Nichole Chase

Surrender Your Love – J.C. Reed

Sweet Filthy Boy – Christina Lauren

Sweet Home – Tillie Cole


Taken By You – Carlie Sexton

Take My Hand – Nicola Haden

Take This Regret – A.L. Jackson

Tasting/Finding/Keeping Never

Taut – J.A. Huss

Tears of Tess – Pepper Winters

Tease – Missy Johnson

The Devil’s Tattoo – Nicole R. Taylor

The Girl in 6E – Alessandra Torre

The Edge of Always – J.A. Redmerski

The Education of Caroline – Jane Harvey-Berrick

The Final Piece – Maggi Myers

The Grace In Darkness – Melissa Andrea

The Last Boyfriend – J.S. Cooper

The Last Husband – J. S. Cooper

The Laws of Attraction – N.M. Silver

The Master Undone – Lisa Renee Jones

The Mistress – Tiffany Reisz

The Mistress Files – Tiffany Reisz

The Perfect Someday – Beverly Preston

The Redhead Plays Her Hand – Alice Clayton

The Reluctant Dom – Tyber Dalton

The Undisciplined Bride – Ginger Voight

The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers –  Ivan Rusilko , Everly Drummond

This Girl – Colleen Hoover

This Man Confessed – Jodi Ellen Malpas

Tied With Me – Kristen Proby

Torn – Kim Karr

Torn – Monica Murphy

Tracks – Sarah Biermann

Trials – Sarah Biermann

True Love Story – Willow Aster

Trying Not to Love You – Megan Smith


Unbearable – Shantel Tessier

Unbreak Me – Lexi Ryan

Uncaged – Harper Sloan

Uncharted – Tracey Garves-Graves

Undescribable -Shantel Tessier

Undisciplined Bride – Ginger Voight

Undone – R.E. Hunter

United Service – Regina Morris


Vacationista – Tara Simone

Very Bad Things – Ilsa Madden-Mills

Vixen in Vegas – Emma Nichols


Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire

Wanted – Kimberly Knight

With Every Heartbeat – Melody Grace

Without Boundaries – CJ Azevedo

Wreck Me – J. L. Mac

Worth The Fight – Vi Keeland

Wounded – Jasinda Wilder