“F*ck Love” Book Review/ Giveaway**

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“F*ck Love” Book Review/ Giveaway**F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher
Published by Self-Published on December 31st 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
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Helena Conway has fallen in love.
But not unprovoked. Kit Isley is everything she's not—unstructured, untethered, and not even a little bit careful.
It could all be so beautiful...if he wasn't dating her best friend. Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, and think of others.
Until she doesn't.

Liezel’s Thoughts:

What I love most about her books besides how unique the story lines are is the complexity of each and every memorable character.  It doesn’t matter how much time has passed or how many books I’ve read – somehow…someway these fictional people tend to stick no matter what.

Helena Conway is certainly one that will be difficult to forget.  Why might you ask? Because she plays a role that you are destined to hate yet you end up loving anyway. It is a known rule that one doesn’t go there… fall for the best friends’ boyfriend but dawning from a dream Helena does so utterly and completely.

The entire situation had the potential of becoming a total disaster but Helena handles it well. She has no intention of breaking up a relationship and out of loyalty, she finds ways to avoid the issue. She begins to physically distance herself from both her best friend Della and the man staring in her perfect dream world -Kit yet no matter how she tries she ends up unintentionally spending a substantial amount of time with him.

To save herself from the heartache she does something absolutely insane to me. She goes on a soul-searching journey across the country and ends up in Kit’s hometown. To say that she was a glutton for punishment and in combination borderline stalker-ish is an understatement. I couldn’t understand why she would do something like that but as the story moved along I perceived that everything ends as it should be.

She was meant to be in that place at that perfect time both for herself and for the people she meets along the way. Again, I need to mention that we are introduced to some interesting characters and even if they’re appearance were brief they managed to make a lasting impression – particularly Muslim. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we hear about him.

I need to mention that I did find one colossal downside of “F*ck Love” (this is a romance book blog after all…) and that would be the lack of passion, sweaty bodies, and mind-numbing sex. Considering all the other magnificent aspects of the story, however, that didn’t seem to affect my rating one bit. I happened to f*cking love every moment of it anyway.

If “F*ck Love” is an indication of how the rest of the year is going to be then it is safe to say that it is going to be magnificent one! Come on, we are talking about a Tarryn Fisher’s book here… what else should we expect from such a talented author?

The Verdict:



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About Tarryn Fisher

Tarryn Fisher is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of nine novels. Born a sun hater, she currently makes her home in Seattle, Washington with her children, husband, and psychotic husky. Tarryn writes about villains.

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